Adventurer Class

I’ve ripped off a motorcycle genre in naming this site, but “adventurer class” is also a way to approach travel (and life)! Some of this content has appeared elsewhere: Adventurer Class is a new home for my travel (and motorcycle) writing.


About me

I’m a motorcyclist, MSF instructor, writer, teacher, rabble-rouser.

I started riding while in graduate school, when my then-beau bought a 1969 BMW R69S to restore. I learned to shift and turn in Virginia state parks, but I dropped her on the cylinder head one-too-many times for Ralph’s proprietary interest in the bike. LOL! Inseam challenged I am. (I cannot imagine that I actually kick-started the bike.)

Flash forward to Washington, where I bought my first bike, a BMW (naturally). There are now three four bikes and a scooter in the stable, plus Mike’s two Harley’s (both 1999 Softails). We haven’t decided if we’ll buy a newer bike due to the intricate computerization endemic to all modern internal combustion engines.

I’ve been riding solo since 1998 and teaching motorcycle safety classes since 2000. Adventures with my first bike, a 1981 R65, live over at motogrrl.com.

If you want to learn more about me, there’s a page for that.


Product reviews

I may occasionally accept motorcycle-related products or other forms of compensation from companies and organizations; posts will be clearly marked. Reviews, however, are honest expressions of my experience. I accept no liability or responsibility should you buy for any product that I have reviewed.

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Rights management

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