Arctic Circle forecast: grim

I’ve looked at the 10-day weather forecast. Trying not to feel too bummed, but a ride to the Arctic Circle has moved to 50-50 odds, given the weather.

It’s raining over the entire region (AK/YT/BC) Wednesday and Thursday (90-100%). We’d be riding up Friday or Saturday. And turning around, I think, rather than camping. Dammit. I really wanted to camp at the Arctic Circle.

But 115 or so miles of hard pack gravel (with a little pavement) turns into soup when wet.

Our ferry being cancelled on the 21st was a Good Thing.

Great riding weather and good to get back in the touring groove here in Canada. We’re getting packing and such “down” before AK. Trying to get the hang of the GoPro, too. Although there may be fewer photo ops than we’d like once we cross the border.

On the other hand, we have a very fixed departure schedule. Our ferry leaves Haines on Tuesday afternoon, September 1.

Wonderful day riding today! 467 miles, with 10:15 am departure. Will do better Sunday re get-away. Mike is already snoring!

Weather in Fairbanks

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