Camelbak and Transalp

Alaska, Day 2: Position matters

Location, location, location!

Real estate isn’t the only venture where physical position matters. It matters when riding, too.

Friday, when we left Lynnwood, I didn’t have a lot of wiggle room because my Camelbak occupied the teeny tiny space between me and the bag on the passenger seat. So on our first stop, I took it off. And then didn’t hydrate.

I tried wearing it again Saturday morning. Still not comfortable. So I decided to attach it to the side of the bike. Eureka!

Body and leg position matter, too.

I tend to move around, and I often put my feet “back” on the passenger pegs in a semi-sport-bike riding position.

Friday, I could never get comfortable. My right hip was killing me at the end of the (short mileage) day. I couldn’t get the passenger pegs down, and I thought Mike had bungeed them closed! I confess to being a little worried about making miles.

Saturday started off the same way. The first leg I was focused on the Camelbak. At about 60 miles in our second leg, I was physically ready for a stop but mentally I wanted to push on. I let my legs dangle in front of the pegs. Behind the pegs. In the air, as though my feet were on the passenger pegs. Nothing worked.

I kept giving myself little pep talks. “You can ride another 10 miles.” Eventually, we stopped at 127. I was exhausted.

Then I discovered this: all I have to do is put the passenger pegs down before I mount the bike. They are too close to the bag rack for me to nudge it with my toe while riding.

That made all the difference in the world!

The next leg, I rode 165 miles without stopping. (That was a tactical error, as I had to put the bike on reserve while passing a car. And we used one of our gas cans before we learned that there was a gas station only about 25 klicks up the road.)

My hip was not bothering me. Even at the end of the day, 467 miles, I was fine.

Being able to adjust my position and weight made all the difference!

I got Mike to pose!
Kathy in Valkarie shirt
I love my Valkyrie shirt!
Helmet and bugs
Bugs. Every time we stop – whether 60 miles or 160 – our shields are covered.
Camelbak and Transalp
Necessity is the mother of invention!
getting gas
Getting gas before loading the bikes. Cache Creek, BC. GoPro still.
Chetwynd BC
Chetwynd BC


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