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Trip prep: flexibility is the name of the game

I logged on to the FerryAlaska.com site last night to read the FAQ. Basically, I was looking for information on how early we could get in line.

What I discovered was that our ferry is not operational!

Contrary to the message on the website, we had not been contacted (phone or email) by the Alaska Marine Highway System. However, I had made a reservation (which would have expired today) for a return trip.

This morning, I reached a very pleasant customer service agent who exclaimed “they haven’t updated your itinerary” and later used the phrase “ferry cancelled” when she was working on rates. No out of pocket charges and we get a “roomette” (two bunks, no other amenities – sounds like an oversized closet!) thrown in. If we decide to upgrade to a full-service cabin, we’ll have to pay full-rate, which is just under $300.

Because we’re the last southern stop in Alaska (Juneau), I don’t know what the odds are going to be for our setting up the tent on the deck.

We’ll take one ferry from Haines to Juneau and a different ferry from Juneau to Bellingham. She did make it clear that we will need to check with the ticket agent in Juneau before getting into our lane for loading.  An unexpected evening in Juneau …


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