1989 Honda TransAlp

Trip prep (AKA the do-si-do dance, part 2)

The 1989 came with after-market bars, which were too far forward for my smaller torso and shorter arms. Plus, the turn signal control switch rotated when I pressed the horn!

I had looked at the bars on an older F650 as a possible replacement (and I still think this might be an option). But we decided that the 1990 would, again, serve as parts bike. At least in the interim.

Learned why the turn signal controls rotated around the bar: the after-market bars had no little hole for the control to snap into. So, the previous owner just filed it off! Of course, they did the same thing with the engine cut-off switch, but for some reason it sat tight on the after market bars.

When we put the 1990 bars on the bike, however, we learned that the reverse was true: the turn signal switch was snug and the engine cut-off switch was loose. Black electrical tape to the rescue.

Much better riding position!

Next: put the hand guards on the 1989, as well as the orange side panels (FrankenBike!). But not until new fork oil, Saturday’s wrenching; Mike and Tom do the honors while I teach an MSF class.

1990 Honda TransAlp
The after market bars have been moved to the 1990 Honda TransAlp.

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