1990 and 1989 Honda TransAlps

Trip prep (AKA the do-si-do dance, part 1)

Trip home (Marysville to Lynnwood), pleasantly uneventful!

First things, first: remove that ratty Corbin from the 1989 and replace it with the almost 10-year-old Rich’s custom seat. And transplant the Givi!

Replace oil, coolant (in both bikes). Ditto spark plugs.

Remove the crash bars from the 1990.

Remove all of the body work from the 1989, jury-rig the front turn signals.

Wait before installing the crash bars on the 1989, because we have to decide what (if any) body work to put on the bike for Alaska. The roads in 2015 are not as “bad” as they were 10 years ago, and we don’t anticipate much dirt/gravel. The question, really, is this:

Put the broken body work from the 1990 (orange) on the 1989 …. or ride it naked?

I’m leaning towards mongrel orange (mixed with the 1989 white). Reading ADVrider and the various forum posts about Alaska suggest the belly pan is a Good Idea. And while it does not require the side panels, it certainly looks less odd!

It had a quick check by Walter at Seattle Cycle Service.

WetLeather folks say the tires are good; we’ll put the Avons on when we return. Ditto chain/sprockets (run loose and wet, is the advice).

Test ride this week and decide about handlebars (stock bars on the 1990 probably fit my riding position better).

Next: Replace fork oil, seals. Flush brake lines.




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