Minnesota Trip: Day 4, Friday

After a visit to Aerostich Rider WareHouse in Duluth, we avoid the construction on I-35 by taking “surface” roads. We head south to St. Paul, where we stop by the home of Mike’s maternal grandparents. The folks who bought the house way-back-when are still the owners and graciously welcome us and show us around. Mike makes a pitch for the pool table! As we leave, Mike’s parents and brother are driving up to do the same thing!

Then it’s a stop at the Apple Store to try to figure out why I can’t download images from my iPhone. The tech does an archive-and-reinstall of the OS. I’d had a wipe-and-reinstall done earlier in June. Finally, we get to Cannon Falls, the site of the family reunion. (Google Mapthe trip summary page)

Mike at AeroStich - iPhone
Kathy At AeroStich - iPhone
Kathy At AeroStich - iPhone
Motorcycle PSA - iPhone
Lakes, Lakes, Everywhere, Lakes! And sometimes they are accessible via a park. This body of water is south of Lake Superior.
Mike at his grandparent's home's door.
Grandpa Douglas Home
Front of Grandpa Douglas Home - DoubleTake Composite
Minnesota Sunset
Minnesota Sunset - DoubleTake Composite
Mike and Kitty
Mike with the kitty we rescued at the lake, in our gazebo home-away-from-home. She went home with young cousins on Sunday. iPhone.

NOTE: unless otherwise noted, these photos are taken with a Nikon Coolpix L5 and have not been retouched. See photos from the trip at Flickr.

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