Pony Express 2000: Day Zero, Too Late

Travel log posted to WetLeather mailing list is unedited and contains motorcycle shorthand as well as insider-to-WetLeather references.

Friday, 30 June. Day Zero.

The week has gone by in a blur and I’m still not ready. I discover the reason I was having a hard time with the auxiliary brake light assembly I bought was because it was a waterproof one. Amazing what effect leathers have on 20-something-auto-shop guys. 😉 I get a replacement and he helps me find the u-bolts to fasten it.

Get it installed *up to* actually connecting it to the existing rear light assembly. Don’t remember what Herb said to do; will stop by there en route to RideWest.

Take dog to kennel. ACK! Late – take a shower and run. Get to Ducati Seattle about 6:15 – Herb ID’s my ValentineOne problem. Italians use *yellow* for hot wires and *red* for ground/no power. The first wire I tried was brake light (I knew that, based on my interpretation of the wiring diagram, but I swear he said use brake light. he says he said tail light) He finds a good ground. Voila, it works!

Ducati Seattle Herb

Now turn to brake/tail light. He finds “extensions” for the tail/brake light fittings; I have the necessary female plugs. We’re off.

It’s now about 7. I’m officially VERY late to RideWest. But there were still a dozen or so of WL’s finest there to eat, greet, hug, etc. Thanks, all! And as Phil said, if WL hadn’t shown up, it wouldn’t have been much of a party (over half the people there were WLites).

Kathy and Barb inspect the Ducati
http://www.micapeak.com/Phil/wet2k/pe/pe.htm – Phil’s Pix

My friend Mercedes (an Md) checks out the left index finger, which still hurts from the fall at Rich’s on Monday. “You’ve fractured or chipped the joint” (first one ‘up’ from the knuckle) “Tape it. Ice it. Rest it.” At least it’s not my throttle hand.

Head home about 8:30. The Valentine is wired, but the remote isn’t hooked up. Too Bad. WSP was waiting for me at Mercer Island Lid. In the edge of the tunnel. *he* said I was going 81 – bullshit. Maybe 70. (I’ve figured out that the new tires are higher profile and the speedo has nudged a few % towards accuracy as a result.) He says, “you looked fast. you were passing traffic.” Bull. I was in the right lane. There WAS no traffic (and I almost didn’t take the carpool lanes as a result. stupidstupidstupid).

He writes me up for 70 — because it’s been SEVEN years since I had a ticket. And that was in the car.

SO – do I pay my $62 or call Jeannie?

Run by the office (BEST) – get home. Pack. Bedtime is late – after midnight. Still hard to ‘still’ the brain.

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